Mission 31 powered by Lumia
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  • Mission31poweredbyLumia
  • Mission31poweredbyLumia

Lumia goes overboard.

Microsoft Lumia’s brief to Cohn and Wolfe, London – “Find a fresh showcase for the power of our mobile device” – was not unique.

But the solution was: First, send a waterproofed Microsoft Lumia on Mission 31 with Fabien Cousteau, oceanographer-grandson of Jacques, to break grandpa’s 30-day record for working in an ocean-floor lab.

Second, through Wi-Fi, share the Lumia’s never-seen-before footage with 70,000 students on six continents in real time, as Fabien accomplished “three years’ worth of scientific enquiry in 31 days.”

The unique Lumia brand experience created enormous buzz: 12.7 million online page impressions; 1.2 million video views; coverage from CNN, BBC, The Weather Channel and overwhelmingly positive social media conversation.