Your Year.  Directed by Nike
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  • YourYearDirectedbyNike
  • YourYearDirectedbyNike
  • YourYearDirectedbyNike

Nike believes all great athletes should be on film.

The power of data is in motivation, not reflection. Instead of using data to give consumers a glimpse into their past, Nike used data to show consumers what they could do in their future.

AKQA’s idea was to use Nike+ data to deliver hyper-personalized animated films telling the story of their year to the 100,000 most active Nike+ members, using their data to issue personal challenges, and enable them to become better athletes in 2015.

They partnered with illustrator Mcbess to create thousands of animation sequences covering all possible user data variables including location, weather, activity and individual Nike+ movement.

The films were delivered directly to Nike+ members on the eve of the New Year. A personalized ‘Your Year’ page featured their film, social links and a custom challenge for 2015.

People saw their data come to life. They saw themselves in the films, their hometown, region and weather. They saw what they did and what they’re capable of. Nike issued members a challenge and members accepted.

The campaign experienced a 400% increase in click-through rate compared to the Nike average. 50% of all films viewed were shared on social, each on average viewed three times. #NikePlus, #YourYear and #OutDoYou social mentions have topped 3.3 million. Worldwide, the films have garnered over 200 million earned media impressions.

And most importantly, Nike+ changed the way brands use data - not to show members what they did – but to show them what they could do.