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At the most basic level, this book is the equivalent of the suitcase that travelling salesmen used to carry around their allotted territories: their samples case. When opened up, it gave retailers and householders a tantalising glimpse of all the many and varied goodies that the salesman's company could provide. Insulting though it may sound, that's a perfectly valid, and indeed extremely valuable, function for a book such as this.

But where it differs magnificently from a samples case is this. Simply to scan through its pages is to be reminded of the quite extraordinary range and diversity of talent that lives and works in WPP companies around the world: and every single item of it harnessed to a client's needs.

I cannot remember a time when market insight and strong brand values have been of greater importance to competitive companies. That's what our clients come to us for; and as evidenced in these 187 pages, that's what we deliver. On display, of course, is just a fraction of the total that WPP companies have created over the last 12 months.

What we have in our hands is a handsome reminder of why WPP companies exist; how our clients benefit; what our shareowners have invested in; and why we're right to celebrate the creative talent of our people.

So I hope you find this book, as I do, not only valuable but inspiring.