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Our goal is to be the world’s most successful communications services advisor and we have identified four strategic priorities to help us achieve this. Our work on sustainability issues is important to our strategy in three main ways: it gives us better access to the skills we need to grow; it opens up new business opportunities and supports the expansion of our digital and data businesses; and it protects our business from reputational risks. This relationship between sustainability and our strategy is illustrated in the diagram below.

By making sustainability part of how we work, we can become a stronger and more diverse global business, better able to harness the talents of our people and the potential of big data and new media, to serve the needs of our clients.

Our Goal

To be the world???s most successful communications services advisor to multinational, regional and local companies.

Strategic priorities


New Markets
Our target

Increase the share of revenues from faster-growing markets to 40-45%


New Media
Our target

Increase the share of revenues from new media to 40-45%


Data Investment Management
Our target

Increase the share of more measurable marketing services to be more than 50%


Our target

Achieve ‘horizontality’ by ensuring our people work together for the benefit of clients

Why sustainability matters

Our commitment to sustainability supports progress on our strategic priorities by attracting talent, opening up new business opportunities, reducing risks to the business and supporting our reputation with key stakeholders.

Access to skills

Leading employment practices, a commitment to diversity and our reputation for sustainability help us to recruit and retain the best people in all our markets.

Investing in skills and education, especially in our growth markets, widens our talent pool and helps us to grow.

Access to Skills infographic

Access to new business

Our clients want to be confident that we meet best practice standards on privacy and data security. This is increasingly important as our digital and data investment management businesses grow.

A growing number of client tender processes include sustainability requirements. Clients that asked about our approach to sustainability were worth at least ??1.26 billion to us in 2013.

More and more of our global clients are prioritising sustainable business practices, and looking to our companies for their insight on social and environmental issues.

Access to New Business infographic

Reputation and risk management

As we continue to grow we must make sure our ethical standards are applied consistently wherever we operate and in our supply chain.

Our commitment to sustainability supports our reputation and enables us to respond to growing investor interest. The responsible investment market is worth at least $13.6 trillion.

Reputation and risk management infographic

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