Performance and plans

This section provides a summary of our performance this year, key performance data and our plans for the year ahead. 

Performance and plans

Issue and goals Summary of progress in 2011Our plans
The impact of our work

The social and environmental impact of our work for clients is a key sustainability issue for WPP. We aim to be a centre of excellence for environmental and social communication.

  Our companies continued to advise clients on corporate responsibility and sustainability issues, and published research on related topics.

To help our clients more easily access our sustainability expertise and to enhance collaboration across WPP, we published a Sustainability Navigator, a handbook and online resource summarising our companies’ sustainability offerings.
Continue to support our companies and to promote their sustainability expertise. In 2012 this will include providing further online resources and running a series of webinars on sustainability topics for our companies.
Marketing ethics

We expect all work by WPP companies to comply with marketing codes and regulations, and for our companies to identify and manage any ethical risks associated with client work.

  100,000 employees have taken Ethics and Anti-bribery and corruption training. Our Ethics Committee met regularly to discuss any ethical issues related to client work. Many professionals from our companies participated in industry groups and helped to develop and evolve marketing codes of practice.

 Continue to protect WPP’s reputation by taking decisions at the appropriate level.

Continue to comply with all laws and industry codes governing marketing material and to improve standards and measurement in marketing practice.

Privacy and data protection are priority issues for all our companies and we aim to meet best practice standards.

  We presented our briefing document on privacy to the finance directors of Group companies in 2011 and some companies have distributed it directly to each of their employees. Further improve our understanding of the type of data handled by our companies and introduce privacy to our Global Ethics Training, to be completed by all WPP employees.

Continue to engage with clients, suppliers, employees and regulators on privacy issues.

We aim to attract and retain the most talented people from all backgrounds.

  Women accounted for 31% of Board members/executive leaders, 47% of senior managers and 54% of total employees.

Forty-three nationalities are represented among WPP Leaders and Partners, the senior echelon of our business. 
£58.3 million invested in training and wellbeing.

Continue to support our companies’ talent recruitment and retention and to improve standards and measurement in employment.

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. Climate change is our priority and our goal is to make WPP a low-carbon Group.
  In 2011, our carbon footprint per person was 2.44 tonnes, down 3% on 2010 and 26% lower than 2006.

We were ranked 41 out of 500 in Newsweek magazine’s Green Rankings 2011.
Despite progress, we are unlikely to meet our interim carbon emissions target of 1.8 tonnes per person in 2012. We are reviewing our strategy and will adjust our approach as necessary to work towards our 2015 and 2020 targets. 

Social investment

Our companies are encouraged to undertake pro bono work for not-for-profit organisations involved in tackling social and environmental issues and to support good causes through donations and employee volunteering.
  The total value of our social investment was £15.3 million compared with £14.3 million in 2010, including £10.5 million worth of pro bono work. This is equivalent to 1.5% of reported profit before tax. WPP media agencies negotiated free media space worth £12.4 million on behalf of pro bono clients.

 Continue to make a significant contribution to good causes through pro bono application of our marketing skills and direct donations to charity.

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