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Our work

Our work is not visible to the outside world. Everyone knows who created the advertising for Dove or the new logo for BP. I often envy my colleagues in other creative industries who can point to a piece of work and explain to their children what they do for a living. But our world is different. There are some public successes when agencies such as IMRB win Indian Research Agency Of The Year (again) in 2007, when BMRB retains the high profile British Crime Survey commissioned by the UK Government or when AGB wins the OzTam TV audience measurement contract for a further 10 years with what is thought to be the most sophisticated approach to digital measurement out there. But the public nature of our work is limited and so it should be. Our clients are the heroes and we revel in their success. We know when we have done great work because we feel it, we see its fruits and, more important, because our clients reward us with more work.

We can take great pride in some of the extraordinary work we do and the effect that it has had. But we cannot rest there. Our aim, as we enter 2008, is to "make the extraordinary, everyday" something that this year's Kantar Award Winners – Ziment, Millward Brown UK, Icon Added Value, Glendinning Europe, Dynamic Logic and our AT&T, Vodafone and British Crime Survey client teams – have done superbly. They have innovated, added huge value to their clients and stretched and satisfied their people. Our goal is to replicate this extraordinary work for all clients everywhere.